Implications Counselling

Implications counselling is available for Bourn Hall patients throughout their treatment, this involves talking through difficult decisions or any complexities of proposed treatment. This offers patients the opportunity to explore the implications and to reflect on the short and long term outcomes for themselves and their families. This includes the effects on any existing children and any child born as a result of treatment. It is strongly recommended for anyone facing complex decisions regarding donor conception, surrogacy and/or fertility preservation.

This could be a sense of loss that they can’t use their own eggs or sperm, and to discuss whether they are ready to move onto donor assisted conception or perhaps using a surrogate.

This kind of counselling can be very helpful for patients considering different treatment options and also for thinking about the future. For example, patients can explore whether they should tell their child about the donor and how and when it is best to tell a child.

In implications counselling, patients are able to talk through so many facets of their treatment and receive helpful resources and information.