Male Infertility

Many men are told that they will never be biological fathers and not told that there are options. There are many treatments for male infertility and with some expert advice and support you may be able to become a dad.

Male infertility is caused by an absence of sperm or sperm of a poor quality. Being told that you have a low or zero sperm count is a major blow and the emotional impact shouldn’t be underestimated.

Some men already suspect they might have a problem with fertility, as they know a childhood illness or a sporting injury may have damaged the testes, where the sperm are made and stored. For others the news comes as a complete shock.

Even with little or no sperm in the semen there are ways that someone can become a father, so this information is just the start of the journey. It is important to get good advice from a specialist to rule out any underlying health issues and be fully informed about the available options.