Treatment With Donor Embryos

In some circumstances, such as when both donated eggs and sperm are required for treatment, using donated embryos may be the best option for treatment.

Using donor embryos may be suggested because the quality of the egg and sperm has been compromised, because of previous surgery, cancer treatment, the menopause or a genetic or hereditary disease.

We try to match the characteristics of embryo donors as closely as possible with those of the recipients requiring assisted conception.

Our expert team will agree a personal treatment plan which will include administering prescribed medication and attending monitoring appointments that include ultrasound scans. These help us to decide the optimal timing for the donated embryo transfer.

Following the thawing of donated frozen embryos, one or two can be transferred to the womb through a narrow catheter passed through the cervix. This is the same method used in any embryo transfer procedure.

Sperm or embryo donors do not have any legal or financial responsibilities for any children born as a result of donor treatment.